PNDU Recipe Books – for a short time only!

Great Christmas gift ideas!

Jacqueline’s hand-make recipe books, written in beautiful Foundational Hand, and each one individually covered.  The recipe book contains a variety of ‘recipes’, not just for food, but also recipes for household use, such as dishwasher cubes, and others.  Thank you to Jacqueline (and family and friends) for her gift to PNDU of her time, skills and creativity.

Please email us at to place your order, confirm postage costs, and organise payment and delivery.  Once payment is received, your order will be processed.

The cost of each book for PNDU members (Aussie and Kiwi HPNers and carers) is AU$25 for an Australian address and NZ$26 for a NZ address (including postage).  For everyone else, the cost is AU$30 (Australia) and NZ$31 (New Zealand) (including postage).   (For other countries, please enquire at


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