PNDU 2017 HPN Awareness Week Comics + Quiz

Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) is a vital life saving therapy required by around two hundred and seventy adults and children living at home in Australia and New Zealand.

The 15th to the 21st of October 2017 is HPN awareness week dedicated to providing friends and family with a small peek into what goes on behind the scenes in our complex lives.

During this week we invite you to ask us questions and take a little time to consider our stories.

This year, for a bit of fun, we have chosen a comic format to tell two stories.

Molly’s Story (A HPN Littlie)

Molly is a the story of little girl who needed Home Parenteral Nutrition from birth.

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Emma’s Story (An adult HPNer)

Emma is an adult who came to be on HPN later on life when illness struck. This is her story.

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And here’s a short fun quiz about HPN from a consumer perspective (click here or on the graphic below to open up pdf):

Happy HPN Awareness Week!  Let’s celebrate!!

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