A new edition of Dripline is out!

The February-April 2018 edition of our newsletter, Dripline, is out now and available here or from our Dripline page.

Issue 23 gives thanks to Sally, who has been our designer for the past 13 issues. In this issue, read in detail about the daily tasks of caring for a baby on HPN (Home Parenteral Nutrition), written by mother Shannyn; read Emily’s article about the location of central lines, and how that can impact lives for the duration of the line; read and be inspired Western Australian members who have 2 young children on HPN, yet managed, with the help of PNDU’s Travel Information booklet, to have a trip to the UK in December; read one member’s frustrations of living with HPN; read about our President, Karen’s, recent experiences in New Zealand, as an invited speaker at the IVNNZ Conference at Rotorua, as well visits to HPN hospital teams in Auckland; read a review of ‘Lifeliner’, by Shirleen Jeejeebhoy, a story of the efforts and trials, in the 1970’s, of getting a patient to be able to return home on HPN; and read an article written especially for Dripline by a radiologist on mammography and implanted devices. All this and more, so get reading!



  • Farewell and thanks to our Dripline Designer, Sal
  • A Day in the Life of an HPNer – A Day in the Shoes of Konrad’s Mum
  • Mammography and People with Implanted Devices
  • Central Lines: Location, Location, Location – Emily’s story
  • ‘Forgotten’ Antibiotic Offers Hope Against Worst Superbugs
  • The Patient on the Receiving End – Karen’s talk at the IVNNZ Conference 2018
  • The Frustrations of Living with HPN – A PNDU member vents her frustrations
  • Travelling to the UK…with 2 HPN Dependent Children – Mike’s and Clare’s story
  • Rise Up Kiwis! Let’s increase New Zealand representation in PNDU!
  • Milestone: The First Day of School for 2 of PNDU’s Young Members
  • I Am That Parent – A Paediatrician, fighting for the best treatment for her son
  • Birthday Corner
  • Effect of pre-filled flush or manually prepared syringes on central venous catheter occlusion and CLABSI
  • How Old is Your Line? – PNDU members’ Anecdotal Information
  • Book ‘Lifeliner – The Judy Taylor Story’, by Shirleen Jeejeebhoy – reviewed by Gillian
  • Jodie’s (GF, Nut-free) Chocolate Cake – recipe
  • Well-Meaning Advice to Heal Us – comments from PNDU members
  • Upcoming Events
  • Planning Overseas Travel with HPN? – possible assistance through PACIFHAN
  • Thank You
  • PNDU Information – membership; giving; contact details
  • In Memoriam
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