A new edition of Dripline is out!

The May-July 2018 edition of our newsletter, Dripline, is out now and available here or from our Dripline page.

You can read Fay’s story, enjoy Jordan’s fabulous Starlight Foundation Wish vicariously, and envy Laurie his cruising and fishing in the waters around Vancouver Island. A new young member writes of the limitations of being unable to eat as well as about life as a teenager on HPN.  One of our members shares her fluid balance chart with us, and we hear of some members’ alternative central venous access sites. AuSPEN member Emma Osland Adv ADP has written an article for Dripline on ‘Enteral Feeding with HPN’. Read about upcoming events, including opportunity to attend AuSPEN’s HPN Consumer Workshop followed by PNDU’s annual social gathering in Sydney in December with two travel sponsorships on offer; plans for Awareness Week 2018; and members’ opportunity to nominate for PNDU Annual Awards.  And as usual, much more to read as well.



  • Jordan’s Starlight Foundation Wish
  • Alternative Access Sites
  • Two Sydney events for all HPNers and carers – December 2018
  • Teen Talk
  • Cruising with HPN
  • Enteral Feeding with PN
  • Emily’s Motility Test
  • A Day in the Life of an HPNer – Food, Glorious Food – but I can’t eat!
  • Daily Fluid Balance Chart
  • HPN Awareness Week– 14-20 October 2018 – let’s get ready!
  • PNDU Annual Awards – start nominating now!
  • Birthday Corner
  • Fay’s Story
  • A Follow up to how long have you had your line?
  • The Spoon Theory
  • Upcoming Events
  • Planning Overseas Travel with HPN
  • Thank You
  • PNDU Information – membership; giving; contact details
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