PNDU has registered as a not-for-profit incorporated association!

March 2016
Given our steadily growing numbers and growing activity, the Management Committee determined that it was appropriate and beneficial to move our community into a formal structure. Operating as an incorporated association will provide the organisation with a number of advantages, including importantly, the following:
provides an appropriate and transparent governance structure so that PNDU members, industry and the public are informed and can have confidence that the association operates fairly, responsibly and with accountability to its members.
PNDU Inc is a separate legal entity from its members and Management Committee which simplifies and clarifies the management and ownership of the money and other assets of the organisation
allows PNDU to apply for a much wider range of public and private funding. Many government and philanthropic organisations make it a basic requirement that applicants for funding are incorporated.
provides eligibility to apply for Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR), so that any donations to PNDU will be tax deductible for the donor.

PNDU Inc’s Objectives and Constitution is on our Corporate Info page.

The Management Committee will continue to work together in the following roles:
President – Karen
Vice-President – Gillian
Secretary/Public Officer – Miranda
Treasurer – Chris
Assistant Treasurer – Gil

Incorporation was achieved in July 2015. We are now working towards registration as a charity and gaining tax deductibility status.

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