A new edition of Dripline is out!

The August to October 2015 edition of our newsletter, Dripline, is out now and available here or from our Dripline page.

Find out about how some of our members celebrated HPN Awareness Week 2015; what some of our members got up to in Brisbane; read a few summarised comments on various topics from our Google Chat Forum; and learn about the history of HPN as researched and remembered by Gil.

Grab a cuppa and take the time to find out a little bit more about life for those on HPN.



  • HPN Awareness Week, 2015
  • Patient Media Stories during HPN Awareness Week 2015
  • PNDU’s Award Winners, 2015
  • Brr, it’s Cold – HPN against the skin
  • HPNers Socialising and Learning in Brisbane, PNDU’s Brisbane gathering plus AuSPEN’s HPN consumer workshop 2015
  • Infusions at Infuzions (Confusions?)
  • PNDU at Gastro2015 conference – What’s the Point?
  • Easing the Trauma of the Emergency Department
  • Dave at Oley 2015
  • A Funny Thing Happened…
  • A Brief History of PN (Parenteral Nutrition)
  • Thank You, Gil!
  • PN Gardening Tips
  • Supplying Life Changing Solutions – Biomed’s story
  • Oops! Ostomy Accidents
  • Keeping a Record (for doctor’s visits)
  • International Alliance –PNDU’s Involvement
  • Sydney’s Latest Gathering
  • HPN kids and Eating
  • Supporting our Non-HPN Children
  • Pampered Pooches
  • A Day in the Life
  • Thank You
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