PNDU at AuSPEN Conference November 2017 at the Gold Coast, Queensland

It was great for PNDU to be there, be seen, reconnect with PNDU friends and supporters (clinicians and industry) and meet other HPN clinicians.  Thank you AuSPEN for again allowing PNDU to exhibit for free at this important event.  Here’s Karen and Chris’ time at the conference in pictures …

PNDU on display (Photo courtesy of AuSPEN and Corporate Communique)


The conference venue (Photo courtesy of AuSPEN and Corporate Communique)                      With clinicians Suzie and Lyn

           With Prof Stanislaw Klek from Poland                                           With PNDU member, Dominica


With Mary from Baxter                                                                                           With our Shire friends


With our Fresenius Kabi friends                                                                                                         With our friends at Baxter

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