Dripline Issue 40 is out!

The May-July 2022 issue of our newsletter, Dripline, is out now and available here or from our Dripline page.

Happy 10th anniversary, Dripline!

I find it amazing that Dripline is celebrating its 10th anniversary issue! I can easily recall getting the first issue out, then wondering where I’d get articles for the next issue – but somehow, ideas and articles arrive every 3 months, which are hopefully of interest to our members, HPNers and clinicians alike. I’d like to acknowledge and thank our past designers, who change Dripline from a long Word document to a well-laid out colourful newsletter. Our initial designer was Carla, the young aunt of a paediatric member, who enthusiastically gave her time for the first several issues, until she relocated to Melbourne. Carla was followed by my daughter, Sally, who worked out how to put Carla’s work into a programme that she was familiar with, and was designer for many issues until life became too busy. At this point, PNDU had sufficient funds to pay for a company to do the work, so for a couple of years, the designers at MBE have put it together. I’d also like to thank Prof Gil Hardy, a life member of PNDU, who helped get PNDU started, and who willingly writes articles for Dripline, both offering, and when asked. This support has been invaluable. Also, thanks to PNDU’s very co-operative members who respond to my requests for input, allowing me to put articles together on a variety of topics, as well as writing stand-alone articles for me on aspects of their lives. They have my gratitude and thanks.

In this issue you’re asked to save dates for the November AuSPEN HPNer Consumer Workshop and social gathering of HPNers…and for PNDU’s AGM in August. You can read about some more of our HPNer members’ activities and/ or hobbies; Sal’s bus trip to Leeton at Easter; learn about Chyme Reinfusion Therapy; and revisit Revestive, a possible treatment for some members suffering from Short Bowel Syndrome, along with some comments from members about their experience with this treatment.

Sadly, PNDU mourns the loss of another PNDU member, who lost his battle earlier this month. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family.

I hope you enjoy this 10th anniversary read,

Dripline Editor


  • HPN Awareness Week 2022
  • HPN: Our Life (Part 2 of ‘HPN: Still Living our Best Life)
  • PNDU’s 2022 AGM
  • Introducing Teduglitide (Revestive) – an excerpt plus member feedback
  • Sal’s Easter Clipper Club Rally at Leeton
  • Melbourne Consumer Workshop and PNDU Social Gathering – save the date information
  • Chyme Reinfusion Therapy – by Prof Gil Hardy
  • RArEST Project – Learning Needs Survey for Health Professionals
  • Opportunity to participate in a research study of adults living with Short Bowel Syndrome
  • In Memoriam
  • Upcoming Events
  • Thank You
  • Planning an Overseas Holiday
  • PNDU information: Membership, donations and contact information
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