A new issue of Dripline is out!

The November-January 2020 issue of our newsletter, Dripline, is out now and available here or from our Dripline page.

The November to January issue normally celebrates a happy time of year – Christmas, New Year’s and summer. However, along with the happy events, this issue also remembers two of PNDU’s members who sadly lost their battle for life and we read tributes from a loving sister and a close friend. One of our members, living close to some of the relentless fires that are raging around our country, decided to evacuate and she writes, giving us a glimpse into the tense situation being experienced by so many of our population. On a happier note, two of our members have won prestigious awards; and there is also a member’s story; we read about a Starlight Foundation wish enjoyed by an HPNer family; Kelly shares her romantic wedding vows renewal organised by her husband; we learn the story behind PNDU’s first Published Paper, with a link to it in a medical journal; we read of the joy our HPNer’s pets give them; and Alexander, a young teen member, shares his school assignment based on PN bag covers, with us, as well as catching up on PNDU events and more. I hope you enjoy all aspects of HPN shared with you.

Dripline Editor


  • An incredible competition win; an incredible NYE! – Karen
  • HPN and Bushfires 2019/2020 – Renee
  • A Tribute to Elise
  • A Tribute to James
  • A Romantic Gesture – Kelly
  • Teen Talk – Alexander’s Assignment … On PN Bags!
  • My Story – Alida
  • Logan’s Starlight Foundation Wish
  • Adelaide Events:
    1. AuSPEN Annual Scientific Meeting – 2019 Adelaide
    2. AuSPEN HPN Consumer Workshop Adelaide 2019
    3. PNDU Annual Social Gathering.
  • HPNers and their Pets
  • PNDU’s first published paper! – Karen
  • Trick or Treat – Halloween 2019
  • PNDU’S President Named 2019 NSW Grandparent of the Year
  • Medication Compliance, Adherence, Concordance in the USA – Emily
  • Birthday Corner
  • A Day in the Life of an HPNer…Every Day Decisions
  • Awareness Week (2019) Hospital Photos
  • In Memoriam
  • Upcoming Events
  • Planning an Overseas Holiday
  • Thank You
  • PNDU Information: Membership, Donations and Contact Information
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