A new edition of Dripline is out!

The November-January 2016 edition of our newsletter, Dripline, is out now and available here or from our Dripline page.

This issue, read about Sal’s great Tassie trip, preparing for long holidays, our Medical Play Puppets for littlies and their battle with customs, a professional’s summary of the burden of health care on chronically ill patients, one of our member’s thoughts as a carer, and much more.

Grab a cuppa and take the time to find out a little bit more about life for those on HPN.



  • Medical play Puppets
  • Puppets find their Home
  • Life Without HPN
  • Uses for Boxes
  • Sal’s Scenicruise of Tasmania
  • A Carer’s Thoughts on Relationships
  • Cruising the Waterways with International Friends
  • Birthday corner
  • Travelling to Australia – an HPNer’s view from the other side of the planet
  • Conception, Pregnancy, and Lactation Despite Chronic Intestinal Failure Requiring Home Parenteral Nutrition
  • You’d be More Healthy if You… comments from friends
  • Long Holidays on HPN
  • Recommended Reading
  • The burden of treatment for patients with chronic conditions
  • Night of the Alien…an HPNer’s strange medical experience
  • Recycling at its Best
  • Reminding Health Professionals about Real Patient Power
  • A Day in the Life of an HPNer
  • Upcoming PNDU activities
  • Thank You
  • Membership, donations & contact information
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