World HAN Day – 15th October 2018

Today is World Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) Day!

HAN covers both Home Parenteral Nutrition and Home Enteral Nutrition.

Please see PACIFHAN’s media release below and attached here.  PNDU is a founding member of PACIFHAN. 

A great opportunity early in our HPN Awareness Week ‘down under’ to celebrate with friends and colleagues around the world!

And don’t forget the four easy ways to celebrate HPN Awareness Week 2018 …

1.  Share our 2018 Awareness Week video:

2.  Click on our social media profile (above right) or Twibbon:

3.  Follow “PNDU Inc.” (username: “pndownunder”) on Instagram to see pics and other news during Awareness Week…..and beyond.

4.  Start a conversation about what HPN is and how it impacts your life.

Happy HPN Awareness Week 2018 everyone!

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