PNDU Retraining Article- now in print!

We are very proud here to announce that PNDU’s article on Retraining of HPN users is now in print in a bona fide medical journal!

The article titled  “Retraining of Home Parenteral Users in Australia and New Zealand: a consumer audit” by Karen Winterbourn et al was published in the October 2019 issue of Vascular Access (DOI

It is a very exciting achievement for PNDU, highlighting an important matter for our small patient number. The article was based on a survey completed by our membership in 2018 and was presented as a poster at the AVAS and AuSPEN Conferences this year. Encouragingly, AuSPEN has already included the matter in its recent HPN Quality of Care position paper.

We give HUGE warm thanks to our inaugural president, Karen who had the inspiration, was the driver and the writer of this wonderful paper! Also we are very grateful to Sharyn who generously assisted with us her expert advice and review. Finally this paper would not have been possible without all of you who kindly shared your time and experience in the Retraining survey. Thank you!

You can download the full article here: Retraining-of-HPN-users-Article.pdf

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