PNDU gets the tick

You will notice this symbol starting to appear on PNDU’s printed and digital media. The symbol is known as the Registered Charity Tick, and is an endorsement of compliance with the Australian Charities and Non-Profit Commission (ACNC). We are proud to display the Registered Charity Tick as assurance to our members and the public that PNDU is a transparent and accountable charitable organisation which is listed on ACNC Charity Register. Ongoing compliance with the ACNC regulations is the result of the hard work of many of our volunteer members in official and unofficial positions who undertake lots of different tasks, big and small to ensure that PNDU stays true to its mission and conducts its business with integrity….thank you to everyone for your hard work and to our members and supporters for making PNDU a great organisation to be involved in!

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