HPN Awareness Week 2021 is here!

HPN Awareness Week
October 10th-16th 2021

The wait is over…HPN Awareness Week 2021 is here!

There are three easy ways to be involved and celebrate with us…

Awareness Week Video

Please enjoy and share with your friends, family and colleagues.



#HPNlife was born last year when life moved online due to Covid-19. Since the launch of #HPNlife, we have seen so many fresh faces and personal journeys all around the world. During HPN Awareness we are encouraging all of the HPN and HPN carer community, Down Under and worldwide to tag and share their HPN moments.

Social Media

Loud and Proud. Click on our 2021 social media profile to use on any social media throughout Awareness Week.

We also have a frame for Facebook available here: http://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes/?selected_overlay_id=251223402973245

And a Twibbon (for Twitter) available here: https://twibbon.com/support/hpn-awarenessweek-2019

Donate today (https://pndu.org/donate/)

PNDU Inc. is a volunteer-run charity and support group for HPNers and their carers. We provide support and resources free to this vulnerable  community. Your tax deductible donations will help build the support they need.

Follow PNDU on Instagram


Follow “PNDU Inc.” (username: “pndownunder”) to see pics and other news during Awareness Week…..and beyond.

We look forward to

  • photos of everyone wearing Awareness Week stickers
  • seeing #HPNlife grow! please tag your HPN-related social media posts of pictures, anecdotes with #HPNlife
  • lots of conversations about HPN and how it impacts members’ lives, please share your AW anecdotes!
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