HPN Awareness Week 2018 – 14-20 October – let’s get ready!

“HPN: our food for strength”

HPN Awareness Week is a wonderful opportunity each year for HPNers and carers, HPN hospitals and industry to not only celebrate this life-saving yet complex life-support therapy keeping many of us alive, but also, as the name suggests, increase understanding and awareness right where we are amongst those most important to us – family, friends, work colleagues, hospitals.

Individuals, hospitals and industry will be joining the celebrations.  PNDU will be providing lots of resources to assist, and there will once again be opportunities for HPNers, carers and clinicians to visit the pharmacy departments to see how PN is made.

See the latest issue of Dripline, and look out for emails from PNDU with more information.

Let’s make this the best HPN Awareness Week yet!

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